KERNOW BRANCH CELTIC LEAGUE Mismanagement of Penwith Moors and ancient sites

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Although gates will be made to allow access on foot and horseback, many areas of open access moorland are to be 'managed' by enclosing with barbed wire fencing to graze cattle that will bring to an end decades of beautiful unspoilt and safe amenity for the public to enjoy. While it is perfectly true that farmers and landowners have a legal right to graze most moorland areas we do not see why taxpayers in the UK and EU should have to finance this through very generous subsidies at a time of severe economic cut-backs − without having any say or consultation in where and how this takes place. 

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                 SAY NO TO NEW FENCING AND GRAZING                

On Carnyorth Common, Watch Croft, Carn Galva, Nine Maidens Common, Men-an-Tol & Lanyon Quoit Crofts, Higher/Chun Downs

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